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Predict and prevent: next generation infrastructure management

Our innovative asset management solutions use the latest technology to reduce costs and improve safety across all infrastructure networks.


RT @omnicombb: Read Network Rail’s latest article on our Omnivision product which reduces delays, improves safety and saves millions of pounds. Between 2019-2024, Plain Line Pattern Recognition (PLPR) will cover almost one million (975,000) miles of railway track...

Mon, 18 February 2019 12:27

Don’t forget, if you missed the broadcast, you can watch it here -

Mon, 18 February 2019 09:33

Read Leo Quinn, our Group CEO’s latest article with @telebusiness on why the #apprenticeship system must change, and quickly.

Fri, 15 February 2019 10:06

Great to see @grahamdonaldson, MEH JV Managing Director, presenting to the nuclear industry on the JV’s structure and how it aims to deliver value and secure confidence in @edfehinkleyc’s delivery.

Thu, 14 February 2019 14:58

We’re delighted to have been appointed by @tfl to deliver the new London Underground track renewals contract, valued at £220m over four years.

Thu, 14 February 2019 11:48

How are we using a Maintenance Access Vehicle (MAV) to carry out repairs safely on motorway display gantries? James Wadley, a Contract Manager explains in our latest video. #ExpertEngineers #zeroharm

Wed, 13 February 2019 09:53