Our Graduate Construction Manager Ra’Sharn shares what he enjoys most about his role and what advice he would give to those looking to start their #CareerInConstruction. Visit our website to view our latest vacancies https://t.co/0wh3yf2hen #ShapeTheAnswer https://t.co/E2VijfJVHD

Sat, 16 October 2021 11:30

Meet Amilah, our Graduate Design Engineer, find out what the favourite part of her role is. If you’re interested in becoming a Design Engineer yourself, or want to know more about a #CareerInConstruction, take a look at our latest vacancies https://t.co/0wh3yf2hen #ShapeTheAnswer https://t.co/9HwngJwfYy

Fri, 15 October 2021 14:37

RT @LordMayorLeeds: Visited @AlderTreeLeeds primary school this morning to attend the launch of the 13th The Cones book at their school assembly @Mr_Yorkshire @balfourbeatty https://t.co/4SNdcNXoWL

Fri, 15 October 2021 12:38

We're delighted to be exhibiting at @CScotIC during #COP26! Our Digital Innovation Hub will be kitted out with activities such as our control room, virtual reality, virtual twins. Don't miss out, book today: https://t.co/sVOLTyLF5Q #SmarterGreenerFaster #BuildingNewFutures https://t.co/yMNDxHbwWg

Fri, 15 October 2021 11:44

Our world-class Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD), built for @OfficialUoM, has won Community Engagement Initiative of the Year at @ncedigital's British Construction Industry Awards. Find out more about the awards here: https://t.co/JzIqmoyXGe #civilengineering https://t.co/dS5eOD1N8T

Fri, 15 October 2021 11:19

We installed ‘living walls’ on Millbrook Roundabout in Southampton, – aimed at improving air quality, by naturally absorbing harmful toxins, gases, including CO2 - and particulate matter. Read more here: https://t.co/NXGcYLdc7N #COP26 #SmarterGreenerFaster #BuildingNewFutures https://t.co/mNBM7raqqk

Thu, 14 October 2021 13:55