Rail profile – trolley mounted solution

Rail profile – trolley mounted solution

This product allows for manual profile measurement at up to 10km/h.

The TrueProfileTM (skate) is a modern rail profile device that provides a cost effective measurement solution which enables precise measurement of running and switch rails. The key wear parameters that are identified as outputs include (but are not limited to):

  • Head and side wear
  • Lipping
  • Cant (track super elevation)
  • Track gauge

The skate can be easily transported and manually operated by a single operator. It is quick and easy to collect, store and review measurement of rail wear parameters. Data is collected at normal walking speeds and displayed in real time both numerically and graphically using a rugged weather proof tablet. 

How it works


The Rail Profile Skate uses multiple profilers scanning at up to 200Hz to ensure the whole rail profile is captured. The profilers can be set to capture various features for plain rail, grooved rail and within switches and crossing units as required. Data is stored and saved as a .CSV file type and can be transferred to a PC or Laptop to be reviewed in any proprietary analysis tool such as Matlab or Microsoft Excel.

Key features


  • Measures plain, grooved rail and switch and crossing units (common crossing profiles and compound crossing profiles)
  • Four hours of continuous measurement – additional batteries can be used on-site
  • An insulated telescopic arm unit allows the skate to be used across varying gauge widths
  • Generates 3D images of rail sections



  • Ability to measure and include geometry information (cant/super-elevation) if required

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