Laser Gauging Vehicle 2

Laser Gauging Vehicle 2

This product is ideal for measuring the network occasionally.

This is a low-cost option measurement system that can be fitted to different vehicles and can be hired as well as purchased. This flexibility makes it an ideal measurement tool for smaller or light rail networks, or where access otherwise difficult.

How it works


The versatility of a portable system lends itself to be fitted with any type of vehicle.

It is primarily a gauging solution but the modular design of the measurement system means that only the measurement device needs to be changed, whilst the power, control and recording unit remains the same. This enables the same equipment to be used for track geometry and rail profiling as well.

Key features


  • New portable system, can be trolley or vehicle mounting
  • 200 Hz Scanner
  • Integrated Track Geometry
  • Single video camera
  • Produces point cloud or SC0 files
  • Optional rail profiling sensors



  • Scanner produces 22mm point footprint at 16 km/h
  • Measurement systems can be interchanged
  • Vehicle can access track locally
  • Vehicle is self-transporting

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