Track geometry – body mounted solution

Track geometry – body mounted solution

This state-of-the-art product measures track geometry that fits all modern train fleets.

With complex and patented bogie designs, installation in this area can be prohibitive. Fortunately we have developed a body mounted solution, which lends itself for fitment to the modern train fleet as it is installed on the vehicle underframe in the same way as other modules in this area.

How it works


Measurement principle is based on the laser triangulation method, a laser source projects a sheet of light on a cross section of the rail, a camera captures the image and this is processed with mathematical algorithms to produce the Y and Z coordinates of the profile. As the system is further away from the rail than a bogie mounted system, the final design needs to take into consideration a number of constants to determine if the rail can be seen under the full range of dynamic vehicle movement, track, curvature and wheel wear. Modification of the system is relatively straight forward due to the system design.

Body mounted systems are currently in operation on both standard and narrow gauge rail networks.

Key features


  • Fully Compliant and verified to EN 13848
  • Option to obtain measurements at almost zero speed
  • Class 3R laser meets latest laser safety regulations
  • Self-cleaning optical system



  • No complex installation design, all systems body mounted
  • Module construction, simple to install to modern trains
  • Not affected by bogie change
  • Easily modified to meet customers’ requirements

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