Vehicle modelling

Vehicle modelling

The first step in getting your vehicle approved.

Vehicle models are required for a gauging assessment, which in turn is required for permission to operate. Accurate vehicle models reduce the issues arising from a gauging assessment.

We have vast experience in vehicle modelling and are experts in the Rail Industry Standard RIS-2773-RST modelling format. We use VAMPIRE® modelling and simulation to reduce uncertainty and risk.

How it works


Vehicle models are created using dimensions taken from a design drawing. If insufficient information is available then we use our laser scanner to measure the vehicle.

Vehicle models use suspension movements which are calculated using a software package such as VAMPIRE®.  We are expert VAMPIRE® users and generate suspension movements as necessary.

Our VAMPIRE modelling is a value driven process. By using VAMPIRE we reduce the risks of additional costs caused by the use of estimated movement data.  Bespoke movement data ensures that accurate clearances are calculated.

Key Features


  • We offer a laser scanning service where vehicle dimensions are not available
  • We build VAMPIRE models to generate suspension movements
  • Our approach reduces risk and uncertainty



  • We handle all aspects of vehicle modelling in-house
  • Accurate vehicle models reduce clearance issues
  • Increased certainty in the results of gauging assessments

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